Chilean movies

    Well I want to talk about a specific one,  the Chilean film trilogy called “Que Pena Tu Vida”, “Que Pena Tu Boda” y “Que Pena Tu Familia”. I chose it as a subject because I watched the three movies last night, and I liked it a lot.  The first movie is about the life of Javier, the main character that cannot forgets his ex girlfriend, so he goes to parties to get drunk, smoke cigarettes and drugs. After all this, he realizes that he is in love of Angela his best friend called Angela de María, as a result, they begin a relationship

The next movie is called “Que Pena Tu Boda”. At first, everything is good, his career, and his relationship with Angela until she gets pregnant. Javier is scare and confuse with the news of the baby, but finally he proposes to her. Both, Javier and Angela were happy until he cheats on her with Lucía, who is the daughter´s boss, while Angela was in the hospital. She loses her baby, and also she find out that Javier cheated on her with Lucía. Their break up, but after a couple of months they get back together, and they get marry.

The last movie is called “Que Pena Tu Familia”. In this movie Javier and Angela are incredible happy because she gets pregnant again, but everything change. Angela does not want to have sex with Javier for the reason that she just had a baby, so Javier starts to get upset. Angela finally accomplishes her dream to be a famous actress while Javier works as a advertising agent in their home. They start to have problems and fights, so Angela decides to divorce. She gets marry with her producer and Javier meets the love of his life.

 I recommend watching these movies because they are Chileans, and also because they are interesting. The Chilean movies are getting better, so we as a Chilean people must to support them.


Well, this is a very controversial topic because every time that someone talks about this, it ends in conflict. I am going to talk about the Chilean education. I can start saying the education is bad because if you did not pay a good school when you were a kid, you are not going to have good punctuation in the famous test called PSU. So, the Chilean education works like this: the rich people go in to the public universities because they had the basis from their expensive schools, while the poor people have to pay more money to go to a private college because their did not have same basis than the others.
If you achieve go to college, besides the money problems, you are still going to face different kind of problems there. One of the most common problems to study in the University is the motivation. This is something really important if you study or you are going to start to study in college. I almost lost the motivation because of the teachers. They were not the persons that I thought they were, because they did not teach me, they just pressured me to study, which it not was something motivating for me because I did not learn much. Of course not all the teachers are equals, I have the privilege to have some teachers in my career that teach me all that I know.  When the years passed, I realized that you have to motivate yourself to achieve your goals. So, as a conclusion a can say that the Chilean education always will be bad, but you can have success if you focus all your efforts in finish your career, and become a professional.



Well I want to write about the thing that I love that is sleep. It has a lot of benefits to the body and mind. The most important benefits that helps to your body if you sleep 8 hours or more are memory, mood, disease and metabolism.

The first benefit that helps to your body if you sleep 8 hours is the Memory. It helps to retain more information in the brain, and also it helps to be more concentrated.

Another benefit that helps to your body if you sleep 8 hours is the Mood. This is really important because if you do not sleep well you would feel angry or with bad temper, affecting your friends and family.

Also another benefit that helps to your body if you sleep 8 hours is Disease. If you do not sleep well you would alters your immune function, and you would get sick easily than another person that slept 8 hours.
And the last benefit that helps to your body if you sleep 8 hours is Metabolism. Doctors and nutritionist say that if you do not sleep the 8 hours you would feel anxiety, so as a result you would eat more.

Of course there are a million of benefits of sleep, I just want to show you how important it is. So, if you are a student or a worker you should sleep enough to be healthy, and with energy. As a conclusion I can say that you should save time to rest and sleep because you would feel the benefits of do it.

Two Women Candidates in Power

Both candidates are daughters of former air force generals, and both want to be next president of Chile. But they have huge differences in many things. One side Matthei, who is known by her particular way to say the things, is a right wing’s candidate.  Bachelet a socialist politician, who was the first female president in Chile, is the favorite to win this 17 November. It would seem the wars between these women began in the past because no matter what happen or who will have the victory, these women will continue their rivalry forever.

In one side the Bachelet’s father was loyal to socialist President Salvador Allende, in the other hand Matthei’s father was a member of Pinochet’s junta. Today, both want to be president of Chile. Matthei, a woman with strong personality that used to talk a lot of things against which was the government of Bachelet, but bachelet never respond to the criticism, at least in the same way that Matthei made.

Why Bachelet does not gives any answer? It will be a policy strategy to win the next election? While many persons speak in a bad way against Bachelet, she would be again the president of Chile with a broad majority of votes according to the polls. I do not like talk about politic but I only know one thing, i do not believe in Bachelet´s promises of free education. It is impossible to have free education in Chile; i think she just is saying that because it is the only way to manipulate the Chilean people after her error that she made in not advice to the persons that a Tsunami was coming.

Myley Cyrius and her new video

I am going to start saying that I am not a fan of Miley Cyrus because she is not my style of music. I am writing about her because I find interesting that almost all the little stars of Disney ended doing crazy things.  Well, I think this question will never be answered for anyone ever. Maybe Disney picks up the most silence and quiet girls, who were pressure by their parents to be perfect in all aspects of their lives; but I do not want to divert you from the title that I choose for my blog.

 The center of the music news is Miley Cyrus, and her new video that she participated with the musical producer “Mike will made it”, also with the collaborations of Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J. The question is why everybody is talking about the video? Well, it is because in this video she shows the new Miley Cyrus, more sexy and with a complete different style of music that she used to sing.

She got tired of her false perfect life because nobody has that, she just want to share with his fans the real life that she has, said her manager. Although she has a huge success  with her country music, she still wanted to changes her music and look.

 You can watch in the new video how she has change, and also you can listen to her new rapper style. I think that she should have kept her voice in her country style of music because now I believe that she sold herself to the market, and her music is every time more commercial.

 In conclusion nobody can deny that Miley Cyrus is not Hanna Montana anymore, she grew up and she is a woman now. What she is doing with her life it is not something that I care about. It is just that I feel sorry for her because the music industry could be hard, and she can be confused with all her success. I just hope that she do not end like Britney spears ended years ago. check out  her new video called Mike WiLL Made-It — 23 ft. Miley Cyrus, Juicy J & Wiz Khalifa, which it has 31.769.960 visits, and tell me what do you think about it.